Hi Hazel, here is my recommendation to your colour analysis consultant

Hi Hazel, here is your testimonial for the colour analysis. Hazel is a very professional image consultant. She had helped to identify many different angles of colour analysis. I have not thought of all the these, but Hazel have enlightened me a lot. The topics has been covered are 4 seasons colours, different shading of

Christine – Financial planner

Loving the Programme

I was given an image- makeover guideline by Hazel, and I learnt about the colors that match my skin tone and most importantly my personality. For me, colors are a reflection of my personality. Hazel matched my color palette to my personality. And I loved that! I had tried color analysis before from Color Me

Dr. Mary from the Philippines

Great Sharing Session with Hazel!

The sharing session from Hazel was a real eye-opener to me. I was blown away by how the same face can look differently and have different skin tone based on different color and shade that they wear. The session made me aware that we are able to look good and present ourselves well if we


Amazing experience with Hazel

Hazel is absolutely amazing. She helped me to create an image that reflects my personality and my profession. Just like her tagline. ‘Your Image Reflect Your Personality. You Image Empower You. With this new image, I felt more confident standing in front of a class as a trainer. Hazel is thoughtful and kind in imparting

Ong Ming See
MS Optimal Solution

Excellent & Professional Service

My experience with Hazel was more than positive. I’m amazed with her ideas and the way she can match details together with my apparel. She made me feel comfortable & made me regain my

Robert Ram

Dedicated Image Consultant

Hazel is a very dedicated image consultant. She went through the session with me in a very detailed manner and suggested the kind of attire that suits me. She also extended tips on personal grooming such as what kind of face wash that’s suitable for me so that my face is protected from harm. Overall,

Jet Koh
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