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Personal Grooming
Personalise your style. Know about the various aspects of personal grooming and choose the right hairstyles suitable to your face shape as well as matching accessories which draw attention to you.
Colour Analysis
Which colour palette brings out the best in you? Explore with Hazel as she analyses the colour that blends well with your skin tone. A suitable colour can uplift and reflect skin tone that grows on your skin complexion
Table Manners & Dining Etiquette
Know all about the rules of dining in a formal situation such as basic table manners and how to handle the various cutleries in a formal Western table setting.
Body Type & Proportion Analysis
Discover how to dress according to your body shape and identify the style personality that suits you best. Accentuate your body’s figure and proportions to make a good impression. It’s the subtle details that make a difference.
Professional Dress Code
Professional Dress Code
Match your attire to the occasion. Understand the various professional dress codes for business events and formal occasions, including black tie, formal wear and smart casual.
Personal Shopper
Unsure how to buy the right clothes and accessories? Take Hazel shopping with you! She will offer styling and professional guides to bring out the best in you.


Virtual Image & Office Etiquette
Virtual Image & Office Etiquette
Online conferences and meetings are now the norm. Know the proper techniques of grooming yourself and preparing your environment to build trust and rapport more quickly. It pays to strategize how to look professional during your online conferences to establish a great impression.
Face Shape & Hair Style Analysis
Get advice on what kind of hairstyle suits best to your face shape. Matching your face shape to the correct hairstyle, eyewear and accessories works wonders for your style.
Corporate Image
What constitutes a professional corporate image? Learn about the proper attire, grooming and accessories to wear to exude professionalism, confidence and charm.
Personality Profiling
Stand out from the crowd and establish your own unique style. Hazel will help you uncover your dressing style that blends in with your personality traits to reflect your true self.
Social & Business Etiquette
Make a great first impression. Discover the guidelines of business and social etiquette including proper communication and methods of greeting and introducing, skills on handshakes and how to exchange business cards.

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