Personal Image Branding and Consultancy

Do you love branded goods? What would your favourite brand be? As you ponder over these questions, perhaps you might want to consider yourself as the most powerful brand of all. A brand that will make you look spectacular, magnificent and will take your self-esteem to the next level.

Dear friend, you have the potential of becoming a MEGASTAR within your own industry. Because the most powerful BRAND in the world is a BRAND called YOU. Let Hazel Yap help you realize your potential so that you will become an ICON in your own field. Through personal grooming, professional etiquette and professional dress code, you will be transformed to the next level in your career & professional life.

Therefore look no further, let loose the MEGASTAR qualities within and achieve your professional and personal goals.

Become the charismatic person you’ve always wanted to be in order to achieve success on a personal, business and public level. Customised training programmes and services for your organisations & individuals.

About Us

Empower yourself

To express your style from the inside out. Hazel Yap CH, professional image consultant will bring you there.

If you want to build a great image on a personal, business and public level, look no further. Hazel’s active membership in Toastmasters International will give you the extra give you the extra edge to bring out your individual style and unique charm.

She will customise her training programmes and services to bring out the charming & elegant you. Your self image and self-confidence will be enhanced with the expertise of Hazel Yap who is certified by Open University Malaysia (OUM).

Hazel Yap is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and a Certified HRDF trainer.

She is also a certified 4×4 color consultant, the universal 4×4 color system (16 seasons) which certified by ByFerial Training & Certification are internationally recognized & accredited.

Personal Grooming

Personalise your style. Know about the various aspects of
personal grooming and choose the right hairstyles
suitable to your face shape as well as matching accessories which draw attention to you.

Colour Analysis

Which colour paletter brings out the best in you? Explore with Hazel as she analyses the colour that blends well
with your skin tone. A suitable colour will uplift your
skin tone and complement your skin complexion.

Personality Profiling

Identifying your style in relation to your personality
will accentuate your charisma and aura. Uncover your
dressing style that blends in with your personality. Stand
out from the crowd and establish your own unique style.

Body Type & Proportion Analysis

Dress according to your body shape and identify the style
that suits you best. Accentuate your body’s figure and proportions to make a good impression. Let your aura do the talking.

Face Shape & Hair Style Analysis

Get advice on what kind of hairstyle suits best to your
face shape. Matching your face shape to the correct
hairstyle, eyewear and accessories works wonders for your style.

Personal Shopper

Unsure how to buy the right clothes and accessories? Take Hazel shopping with you! She will offer styling and
professional guides to bring out the best in you. Invest in
the right apparel for success.

Virtual Image & Office Etiquette

Know the proper grooming techniques and prepare your
environment during online meetings. Strategize how to
look professional during online conferences.

Social & Business Etiquette

Discover the guidelines of business and social etiquette.
Learn the proper methods of greeting and introducing,
handshaking skills and how to exchange business cards.